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Riding safer and saving more on tires has never been simpler or more convenient here in Youngstown thanks to Boardman Nissan's tire center. To prove this point to you, and ensure that you make a smart decision when the time comes to invest in your next set of outstanding tires, our tire experts are poised and ready to bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about this important process.

Ready to make upgrading your car, truck, or sport utility vehicle's (SUV) tires a fun and easy event? Then follow along as we provide you with insight into everything you need to know, including how to determine which tires are right for you and how best to go about the process of purchasing these vital automotive assets.

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Why Investing in Good Tires Is Always a Smart Call

As far as why investing in quality tires matters, it all boils down to a few simple truths. First, as some of the most important components of your vehicle, tires serve as your first line of defense when dealing with hazardous road conditions – in addition to playing a vital role in your car's ability to handle responsively and gracefully maneuver within traffic and around obstructions found on your daily commute.

Going a step further, the portion of your tire that actually makes contact with the road is surprisingly small – often about as large as the size of your hand. This means that maximizing the quality and condition of your tires is an endeavor that most certainly rewards savvy shoppers who take investing and caring for these crucial components seriously.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Tires

Knowledge is your best friend when it comes to properly maintaining and caring for your tires, so the Boardman Nissan tire team is proud to offer up an in-depth look at all of the common signs of tire wear and damage. With this in mind, spend a few minutes looking over this guide to truly understand exactly what your tires are trying to tell you:

overinflated tire

Center Wear via Overinflated Tires

  • Rough ride
  • Tread wears abnormally fast
  • Takes your car longer to stop
  • More susceptible to pothole damage
underinflated tire

Underinflated Tires Featuring Wear on Both Edges

  • Tread wears abnormally fast
  • Diminished gas mileage
  • Increased chance of damage caused by friction
too much camber

Too Much Camber Causing Wear on One Edge

  • Wear on the interior edge points to negative camber
  • Wear on the outer edge denotes positive camber
excessive toe

Feathered Tread via Excessive Toe

  • If the wheel points out, your tire will be feathered from the inside
  • If you wheel points in, your tire will be feathered from the outside
rear alignment issue

Diagonal Wear from a Misaligned Rear End

  • Tire displays a repeating angular wear pattern
  • Most often found on vehicles with front-wheel drive
  • Regular tire rotation can solve this issue
out of balance

Spot or Path Wearing

  • Caused by tires that are out of balance
  • Weak suspension components may also be an issue
  • Regular tire rotation can solve this issue
side wall bubbling

Side Wall Bubbling

  • Caused by a tear to the inner liner or when an obstruction causes the tire to pinch against the wheel rim
  • Not repairable and requires immediate replacement

Which Tires Are Right for You?

To start, consider the climate here in Youngstown. Do you expect to drive quite often during those sweltering summer days? Or perhaps you are more keyed in on dealing with inclement road conditions during and after a snowfall? Either way, you can count on Boardman Nissan to have exactly what you are looking for in your next set of tires. To make this decision even easier, here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the three most common types of tires sold at Boardman Nissan:

All-Season Tires


  • Designed to handle warm, dry, and wet environments
  • Able to handle light snowfall
  • Made for use year-round
  • Offers longer useful tread life
  • Available in numerous configurations

Easily the most common type of tire found on the roads of Youngstown, all-season tires are a true jack of all trades. From hot and rainy to cold and snowy environments, these tires offer a tread design and rubber compound combination that is ideal for navigating moderate climates and standard road conditions.

By leveraging a "one size fits all" design approach, it is important to recognize that all-season tires do not offer the same level of traction and performance as other, more specialized options. This means that summer/performance tires will excel in wet and warm situations, while winter tires provide an unbeatable level of competency when facing dropping temperatures and growing piles of snow.

Summer/Performance Tires


  • Better cornering, traction, and braking in warmer conditions
  • Higher performance and increased traction when dealing with rainy or wet conditions
  • Premium upgraded alternatives designed to accentuate the speed and agility of performance vehicles

Perfect for a relaxing ride around town on a sunny summer day, summer/performance tires lay claim to a tread design and rubber compound pairing that grips dry roads better and creates a greater amount of contact surface area. Additionally, other versions place an even greater emphasis on speed, cornering, and even abrupt braking. However, switching over to a set of winter tires that provides more safety and stability when both the temperature and snow starts to drop is often a smart call.

Winter Tires


  • Crafted with cold temperatures, ice, slush, and snow in mind
  • Utilizes a soft rubber compound to increase traction
  • Reduces risk of sliding when navigating turns

Owning winter tires is all about increasing your peace of mind when dealing with snowy weather conditions. While all-season and summer/performance options utilize rubber compounds that harden when exposed to lower temperatures, winter alternatives overcome this issue by employing unique tread designs and softer rubber. This way, you can stop and turn with confidence even when faced with snow, ice, or slush during your daily commute.

Frequently Asked Tire Shopping Questions

Q: Do I need winter tires if I have all-wheel drive?

A: While all-wheel drive definitely is a great start in ensuring your vehicle remains safe during inclement winter conditions, it is really only one piece of the puzzle. Your tires are still the only point of contact with the road, so having the appropriate tools for this job is crucial.

Q: Do I really need to own two sets of tires?

A: Yes. The cost of winter tires is far outweighed by the risk of accidents and other issues related to snow and slick winter driving conditions. Savvy drivers recognize this, as well as the fact that having a designated winter set increases the useful life of both sets of tires by reducing the miles traveled per year on your all-season or summer/performance tires.

Q: Can I use winter tires all year long?

A: The soft rubber compound utilized by winter tires does not hold up well during the warmer months, which can reduce the useful life of these vital components. With this realization leading the way, the best way to save money on your tires is to only use the appropriate set with its corresponding season.

Q: What is a four-wheel alignment?

A: A four-wheel alignment is a service that employs advanced lasers and sensors to determine – and properly adjust – the angles utilized by the wheels on your vehicle. Undertaking this service, especially if you have recently felt vibrations in your daily drive or notice that you are dealing with poor road conditions on a regular basis, is a great way to extend the useful life of your tires and protect this important investment.

Q: What should I do when my tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light comes on?

A: If your TPMS light comes on and stays active while you drive around Youngstown, this means that low pressure has been detected in one or more of your tires. While changes in weather can cause internal tire pressure to fluctuate, it is always a good idea to bring in your vehicle to Boardman Nissan and have one of our experts inspect your tires when your TPMS light comes on.

Save More on Your Next Set of Tires and Ride Safer Today

Now that you are equipped with all of the knowledge we have offered up here, there is really only one thing left to do: Stop by Boardman Nissan and upgrade into a great new set of tires. To get the ball rolling on this front, go ahead and call 330-726-5555 when you have a minute to chat. Once you do, we will have you paired up with the perfect set of tires for your next great adventure here on the roads and highways of Youngstown.

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