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Lease Pull-Ahead for ALL

Lease Pull-Ahead for All

Are you currently in a lease from Chevy, Ford, Kia, or any other manufacturer?
Are you tired of driving the same old vehicle you’ve had for the last couple of years?  
Are you getting close to your mileage limit, and worried that you might go over and be hit with a big fat bill?

Would you like to get out of that lease early?

Great News!

You don’t have to wait!

With Boardman Nissan’s Lease Pull-Ahead For All Program, we want to get you out of your current lease and into a brand new Nissan vehicle!  

How Does it Work?

Step 1) Bring in your leased vehicle with 6 or fewer payments.
Step 2) Pick out a vehicle from our extensive inventory of brand new Nissans.
Step 3) Put as little as ZERO cash down, on your new vehicle.
Step 4) Drive away in your brand new Nissan.
Step 5) We make the remaining payments on your old lease for you!
Step 6) Show off your new vehicle to all of your friends, and brag about the crazy deal you got!

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