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Boardman Auto Group Pre-Owned Limited Warranty

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What is the new Limited Warranty program?

It is a limited warranty for certain pre-owned vehicles sold by Boardman Auto Group. 

What makes will get the Boardman Limited Warranty?

Select pre-owned vehicles will receive the warranty. (see underwriting for eligibility)

What are the teams of the Limited Warranty?

  • Vehicles Current + 6 Model Years Old Up to 85,000 Miles
    • 10 years or 100,000 miles from the original in-service date or 0 miles.
      • WRAP Option- Use the new CostGuard CRP1 contract with NEW 10/100 WRAP rates. 
  • Vehicles Current + 15 Model Years Old Up To 150,000
    • 3 Months of 3,000 Miles 

What is the coverage provided by the Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty provides Powertrain coverage. (See Limited Warranty contract for details.)

Is there a deductible?

Yes, there is a $200 per visit deductible with the Limited Warranty. However, if the customer elects to purchase a CostGuard WRAP contract to augment the Limited Warranty coverage, the deductible is waived if the customer uses a Boardman service facility. 

Does the customer get anything to show that he/she received the warranty?

Yes. Every customer that purchases a vehicle that comes with the new Limited Warranty will receive a copy of that warranty at delivery. 

Can the Limited Warranty be cancelled or transferred by the customer?

No. Because the customer is receiving the warranty as part of the deal, it cannot be cancelled or transferred. 

What FTC Used Car Disclosure form should the dealership use for this new Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty contracts come with the appropriate FTC stickers. 

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