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Nissan Security+Plus in Boardman, OH

Peace of mind has an invaluable price. However, at Boardman Nissan, we make it cost-effective to feel at ease when it comes to your vehicle. Even though Nissan models are known for their mechanical soundness and craftsmanship and new models come with a great warranty, some people prefer to have even more coverage. Nissan has exactly what those car owners are looking for with its Nissan Security+Plus for Boardman OH. With multiple coverage options for every level of protection, Nissan Security+Plus is a great choice for car buyers who want to get the most out of their vehicle without breaking the bank with repair costs.

Smart Coverage, Peace of Mind with Nissan Security+Plus

Since 1988, Nissan has offered customers looking for additional vehicle assurance the coverage plans that have paved the way to care-free car ownership. A Nissan Security+Plus plans works on multiple levels in the protection its provides. Plans help limit the of out-of-pocket repair costs that may transpire after the factory warranty, while also providing owners with benefits such as roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental and towing. This type of complete insurance allows car owners to breath easy and sleep soundly. With the backing of Nissan’s Security+Plus protection, the roads look immediately friendlier.

What are some of the other reasons that Nissan Security+Plus should be purchased? For those leasing vehicles, there is a specially designed option tailored precisely for them. Forget about paying for select services with Nissan Security+Plus. Simply pay your deductible and the rest is taking care of by Nissan. Nissan Security +Plus is also transferable, which means that if the vehicle is sold prior to the coverage’s expiration the benefits can go to the next owner. This adds tremendous resale value to any model. Rising costs of auto repairs also make Nissan’s extended warranty coverage even more attractive.

Three Levels of Coverage at Boardman Nissan

Nissan Security+Plus Gold Preferred coverage nearly all-inclusive. Only a handful of components are NOT covered by this plan (over 2,000 are). Almost all major components of your Nissan model are included in this policy. The Silver Preferred does not cover quite as much (1,400 plus elements), but still includes repairs and replacements for many of the car’s systems and parts. Powertrain Preferred is the most basic option provided by Nissan Security+Plus protects 800 parts, but still delivers solid coverage at a value. For more details, come see us at Boardman Nissan. We would love to discuss which Nissan Security+Plus plan is best for you.