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Make Phone Calls

By pairing your phone with in-car Bluetooth and voice recognition you can easily make phone calls.

Send Messages

Bluetooth and voice commands also make it easy for drivers to have SMS messages read to them and to send one back.

Stream Music

By utilizing NissanConnect, drivers are also able to stream music that they have on their phone over the in-car speaker system.


NissanConnect not only gives drivers access to SiriusXM radio, but other great Sirius features like Travel Link and Traffic.


The NissanConnect Navigation system covers over 6 million miles of road and allows drivers to easily get around and track points of interest.

Access Apps

The NissanConnect system will also allow drivers to access social apps such as Facebook and Twitter while safely driving their vehicle.

What Does NissanConnect Do?

As technology has continued to revolutionize the past few years, we are now seeing more and more of it in the everyday vehicles that we sell here at Boardman Nissan. One of these great innovations is the NissanConnect infotainment system. But what does NissanConnect do? Well, in short, just about everything.

The NissanConnect infotainment system was designed with the driver in mind. It is meant to make everything that would normally make driving dangerous, much easier to do by safely keeping both hands on the wheels. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, drivers can sync their phone to NissanConnect and easily make phone calls, send SMS messages, and access third party apps from places like Facebook and Twitter. This means that in a world where information is key, you will never be kept out of the loop.

What Other Features Does NissanConnect Have?

While making phone calls and sending messages are cool and interesting features, they might not be enough to convince people how great the NissanConnect system is. Well, there is plenty more that goes along with it that might. For starters, an additional Navigation system is optional, which utilizes SiriusXM Traffic to give the driver live traffic updates, gas station locations, fuel prices and more.

Another neat feature that NissanConnect has to offer is SiriusXM Travel Link. This is your one stop shop to countless treasure troves of information. Here you can get information such as the latest sports scores, weather info, stock market updates, movies listings, and more. If you need information on something while you are driving, the SiriusXM Travel Link is a great place to start.

The NissanConnect system is available in most new Nissan vehicles. If you have a question about NissanConnect, please contact a Boardman Nissan sales professional by calling (888) 848-6354.