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Nissan’s Qashqai compact crossover has a new home and a new name; it went on sale this spring as the Rogue Sport for 2017 in the United States to take advantage of the love affair America has with utility vehicles over automobiles.

Not just will the American edition drop the vowel-changed and hard-to-spell Qashqai name for this marketplace, it additionally builds on the solidity of the Rogue, which is the brand’s top-selling vehicle within the United States. In an odd move, it’ll be referred to as Qashqai in Canada, even though there’s little proof they’re better spellers. Officials state that Canadians align more with people in Europe and thereby are going to share the European name.

Nissan Rogue

Rogue Sport will slot in below the Rogue yet both are going to be categorized as small crossovers and their figures are going to be pooled as it’ll come to reporting sales. Rogue Sport is a 5-passenger crossover, whereas the Rogue, that’s 12.1” longer with an additional 2.3” of wheelbase, features an available 3rd row and is able to accommodate 7 passengers. Rogue Sport is the exact same width yet is lower than the Nissan Rogue. The brand expects couples and singles to choose Rogue Sport and families to select the bigger Rogue.

Nissan is going to keep the Juke small crossover in their lineup for now, according to VP of product planning for Nissan North America, Michael Bunce. There aren’t any final plans at this time for the niche product.

Made inside Kyushu, Japan, as well as homologated for the North American marketplace, the Rogue Sport is going to be offered in 3 trims: SL, SV, and S each with an option of all- or front-wheel drive, and there will include 5 optional equipment packages. Its pricing hasn’t been announced; however, executives promise it’ll be competitive and affordable.

Rogue Sport still provides 61.1 cubic feet of cargo area that has the 2nd-row seats folded down. However, as the seats are up, there’s just 23 cubic feet of cargo space in back, as compared to 32 cubic feet with the bigger Rogue. Rogue Sport will share a ton of equipment, which includes the Divide-N-Hide Cargo center which will keep objects out of sight, and is available on the SL and SV trims.

Rogue Sport

The small crossover has a sporty front grille, as well as headlamps that have LED day running lights, and fog lighting is an option. In the back, there will include a rear spoiler and boomerang shape LED taillights. Also, the CUV has body color front and rear mirrors and bumpers with black roof molding and wheel arches. It’ll be provided with an option of ten colors.

The Rogue Sport will be powered by a direct injection 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that generates 141 horsepower at 6,000 revolutions per minute and 147 pound feet of torque at 4,400 revolutions per minute. While it features a more compact engine than the 2.5L inside the Rogue, the Sport is 300 lbs. lighter; therefore, might be as fast off the line. Rogue Sport features a continuously variable transmission, AWD, and Hill Start Assist comes standard.

Beneath is a front independent strut suspension that has a stabilizer bar, as well as twin tube shock absorbers, plus multi-link independent rear suspension that has twin tube shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

There’s various tires and wheels. The Rogue Sport S models feature 16” steel wheels that have full wheel covers, as well as 215/65R16 all season tires; The Rogue SV contains 17” aluminum alloy wheels that have 215/65017 all season tires; as well as The Rogue Sport SL is available with 19” aluminum alloy wheels that have 225/45R19 all season tires.

Lane departure prevention and warning, emergency braking, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot warning are amongst its safety technologies.

On the interior, there’s the usual host of USB connections, power outlets and jacks to connect, as well as power devices and Bluetooth Hands-free and Siri Eyes Free phone system, streaming audio, and hands free texting—features owners may no longer live without. Its key fob may be utilized to remotely start up the engine.

Rogue Sport features a 7.0” touchscreen as its nerve center for the infotainment that includes mobile apps, navigation, services, phone integration and Travel Link and satellite radio.

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 If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie or have a passion for the paranormal, Ohio is the place to be. The Buckeye State is home to some of the creepiest places on the map. And no, we don’t just mean Halloween attractions and spooky cemeteries.

From abandoned buildings that make you feel uneasy to haunted locations that send a chill up your spine, here are the 15 terrifying places in Ohio you should check out—if you’re brave enough, that is.

1. Beaver Creek State Park

Beaver Creek State Park is known to be one of the largest haunted locations in Ohio, with the biggest hot spot being the canal. The canal in Beaver Creek was created in the early 1800s, and parts of it are said to be haunted by the ghosts of canal workers who perished during construction.

2. Chippewa Lake Amusement Park

Amusements parks are supposed to be fun, but fun is the last thing you’ll experience at Chippewa Lake Amusement Park. This abandoned and incredibly creepy park will have you itching to get out as soon as you step foot in the area. Most of the rides are decaying and rusting, but are still standing. Plus, shrubs and trees have started to grow on the coasters and kiddie rides to add to the eeriness of this entire place.

3. Civic Theatre

On top of being a beautifully designed and opulent venue, the Civic Theatre is also one of the most haunted locations in the entire state. Many people have seen a spirit of a young woman that jumped in the canal behind the theater to commit suicide crying at the edge of the stage. Others claim to see the ghost of Fred, a long-time janitor, attack those who make a mess in the restrooms. Some have even noticed a spirit of a well-dressed man lurking on the balcony.

4. Fudge Road Bridge

Fudge Road Bridge may sound like it’s something from Candy Land, but it may actually be a place of nightmares. Legend says that if you park your car near the bridge and say “mama” three times, you’ll hear the cries of a baby that was abandoned by its mother. A truck driver that drove off the bridge is also said to haunt it. In fact, some people have even seen headlights of the truck following them or trying to run them off the road when driving through the area.

5. Hell Town

Back in the ‘70s, residents of Hell Town—or as they called it back then, Boston Mills—were suddenly ordered to leave town by government officials. No one knows exactly why, but there have been speculations that satanic activity and the presence of mutated beings may have caused the evacuation. If you’re brave enough, you can explore this abandoned town, but it’s believed to be haunted by many spirits of its previous inhabitants.

6. Lima Tuberculosis Hospital

The Lima Tuberculosis Hospital isn’t open to the public, so if you do come across this eerie structure behind Lima, get out quick. But not just because trespassers are prohibited. The Lima Tuberculosis Hospital was a tuberculosis sanitorium. During its operations, countless lives were lost due to the illness that spread across the country in the 20th century. Today, those who have been able to explore the hospital have said it’s haunted by the ghosts of those who perished behind its walls.

7. Majestic Theatre

The Majestic Theatre has been an Ohio landmark since 1852. Today, when people aren’t captivated by incredible performances taking place on stage, they’re exploring the venue for any first-hand signs of the paranormal. Some have captured what sounds like singing on audio equipment and recordings. Others have even recorded spirits asking questions and talking. But perhaps the most terrifying things documented and seen are strange clouds, figures, and ghost orbs throughout the theater.

8. Moonville Tunnel

The Moonville Tunnel is just as creepy as it looks. According to the legend, this tunnel is haunted by a man who was killed by a passing train. At night, you may see him walking across the tracks.

9. Ohio State Reformatory

 The Ohio State Reformatory (AKA, the prison that laid the groundwork for The Shawshank Redemption) was notorious for many violent instances back in the day. Today, the ghosts of rioting inmates that were killed during gruesome fights in overcrowded isolation cells are said to haunt the halls and cells of this downright terrifying priso

10. Peter’s Cartridge Company

Located in King’s Mill is Peter’s Cartridge Company, a once thriving establishment responsible for creating bullets and explosives. This abandoned factory still stands and has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. And if you listen carefully, you can hear some of the sounds that used to fill the walls of this factory when it was open.

11. The Ridges

Once called the Athens Lunatic Asylum, The Ridges is reported to be one of the scariest places in the entire state. Although it’s now a part of Ohio University, the spirits of former mental patients that suffered from lobotomies and other violent treatments are still roaming the halls.

12.  Schrader Road Tunnel

Situated in Chillicothe, Schrader Road Tunnel is quite frightening, to say the least. Not only is it surrounded by creepy trees and complete darkness at night, but some people have heard a baby crying if you drive through the tunnel with your lights off and windows down.

13. Squire’s Castle

When the sun is shining, Squire’s Castle is a beautiful building that’s tucked away in the Cleveland Metroparks. At night, however, this castle turns into a spooky destination as a shadowy figure wanders through the area with a red lantern.

14. Walhalla Road

Walhalla Road in North Columbus seems like any old road, but if you keep driving, you may feel a chill or two run up your spine. That’s because the road is reported to be haunted by a man who murdered his wife before killing himself on the bridge.

15. Woodlawn Cemetery

With scenic trees surrounding paths and the waters of Goose Lake, the Woodlawn Cemetery is absolutely gorgeous during the day. But at night, things can get pretty spooky. For instance, many people have reported seeing spirits walking around, including the ghost of a boy and his dog that drowned in a canal. Plus, mournful sobs have been heard while people wander through the cemetery.

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There are parks all over Broadman and Youngstown, but nothing is more beautiful, expansive, or fun than the Mill Creek MetroParks.

When it comes to size, Mill Creek MetroParks is one of the largest metropolitan parks in the area. It was the first park district in Ohio, and it encompasses more than 4,500 acres of land and includes 20 miles of drives and 15 miles of foot trails. And with a variety of facilities, Mill Creek MetroParks always delivers a good time.

Want to learn more about this local park district? Here’s your guide to all the parks and facilities you can find at Mill Creek MetroParks.

Mill Creek Park

Think of Mill Creek Park as a local hub of all things nature, history, and outdoor recreation. As the biggest portion of the MetroParks, this place is home to a bunch of great attractions and facilities that any outdoor adventurer or historian will love. Here are a few listed below...

  • For the historian: Mill Creek Park features a number of different historic sites, including the famous Lanterman’s Mill and Covered Bridge, the Old Log Cabin, and Volney Rogers Monument.
  • For the nature lover: If you’re a fan of blooming spring flowers or fall foliage, check out Fellows Riverside Gardens. Known as one of the state’s finest public gardens, this facility features 12 beautiful acres of flowers, from roses to annuals to perennials.
  • For the outdoor adventurer: With Mill Creek Park being the biggest MetroPark, it’s no surprise that it offers a variety of hiking, biking, and walking trails. And if you’d rather spend the day on the water, Mill Creek Park is home to a number of ponds, lakes, and wetlands, too.
  • For the animal and nature lover: Those who find excitement in seeing animals in their habitats will love the Hitchcock Woods and Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary. Both preservation locations give you a chance get a closer look at some of the animals and plants in the area.
  • For the outdoor recreation seeker: The park features James L. Wick, Jr. Recreation Area and the Mill Creek Golf Course for anyone who wants to have a picnic, play a round of volleyball, or tee off in the park. Want to catch an outdoor concert instead? Head over to the Judge Morley Performing Arts Pavilion for a show.

More MetroParks Facilities

In addition to everything at Mill Creek Park, the MetroParks features a number of other facilities throughout the area. This includes the MetroParks Farm, a 402-acre working farm complete with a natural playground for the kids, as well as an archery range.

Other regional MetroParks facilities include:

  • Yellow Creek Park
  • MetroParks Bikeway
  • Buckeye Horse Park

Experience the Mill Creek MetroParks

With historical sites, tons of trails, and a variety of recreation facilities, Mill Creek MetroParks can be paradise for any outdoor adventurer. So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your picnic baskets, and head over to this incredible park today!

And, don’t forget to follow Mill Creek MetroParks on Facebook for park news and event updates! 

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